Aircraft operations technology and performance

As aircraft systems increase in sophistication, modularity and diagnostic complexity, related operations are constantly changing and inherently increasing in complexity. To deal with this rapid development Avitronics Research has developed a holistic view and approach to facilitate research on most aircraft related subjects.

Aircraft maintenance & management​
• Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance programs
• Maintenance costing
• Aircraft maintenance management
• Maintenance operations

Aircraft health monitoring and management
• Diagnostics – Prognostics – Health Management to make appropriate decisions about maintenance actions based on diagnostics / prognostics information, available resources, and operational demand.

Airline Economics​​​
• Operating cost studies
• Economic performance
• Economic performance optimisation

Process simulation​ ​
• Design, develop, analyse and optimisation of technical processes.
• Design, develop, analyse and optimisation of social processes.

Process Modelling
Track what actually happens during a process.
• Define the desired processes and how they should/could/might be performed.
• Establish rules, guidelines, and behavior patterns which, if followed, would lead to the desired process performance. They can range from strict enforcement to flexible guidance.
• Provide explanations about the rationale of processes.
• Establish an explicit link between processes and the requirements that the model needs to fulfill.
• Pre-defines points at which data can be extracted for reporting purposes

Human factors ​
• Approach to evaluating and improving the safety, efficiency, and robustness of work systems,

• Study the intersection of people, technology, policy, and work across multiple domains, using an interdisciplinary approach

Human factors intercombine the following aspects of work: 
• Task Analysis and Design
• Device evaluation and usability
• Communication, Collaboration, and Teamwork
• Systems Resilience, Adaptation, and Failure
• Give employees the satisfaction and motivation to excel.

Project cost benefit analysis
The aim of a process is to:

• Track what actually happens during a process.
• Define the desired processes and how they should/could/might be performed.
• Establish rules, guidelines and behavior patterns.
• Explore and evaluate the several possible courses of action.
• Establish an explicit link between processes and the requirements.

Process Certification​ ​
Achieve and sustain capable processes for business, support actions, maintenance (overhaul, repair, modification), assembly and testing.

Computer based training
Design and deliver training on SMEs focusing on innovation for sustainable economies.

Airports & Security

Airports are literally the hubs connecting people and goods. Most airports are equipped with large shopping centres , hotels and conference centres. Airports increasingly have become industrial and commercial enterprises where aircrafts happen to take-off and Airports connecting people and goods. Disruption of transportation systems. Human resources must be the major contributor to the current level of security at the airport. In short, airports have become the heart of the very infrastructure of the modern, civil knowledge-based society, embodying the principles of free flow of people and goods.

The modern society can be disrupted when airports are forced to stop operating. This threat is taken very seriously by all stakeholders involved, ranging from policy makers to airport management, and law enforcement agencies.

The global air transport system needs to remain dependable and extremely safe thus eliminating and mitigating threats to air traffic. 
Human Factors research has clearly shown that the bottleneck in security is not the ability to record an “event”, but to diagnose and interpret it in real-time.

Bringing innovative ideas to reality

Dissemination is the act of communication. But disseminating scientific and technical knowledge requires expertise from a wide range of scientific and technological activities. For this very apparent reason our Team consists of:


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